e-Invoice solutions are offers for the integration of e-Invoice to business life in the scope of legal arrangements introduced by the Revenue Administration, and at the same time e-Logo Private Integrator Service is offered by Logo Elektronik that has completed the compliance process carried out with the Revenue Administration and obtained the Private Integrator permit

What is e-Invoice?

e-Invoice is a messaging infrastructure that allows the pre-defined users to send invoices, which are in UBL-TR standard and as electronic documents, from the sender to the recipient via the specified data transfer protocol.

Conversion of Bills to Electronic Documents

E-Billing solutions developed in accordance with the legal framework established for the regulation of bills as electronic documents, electronic transmission and electronic preservation and presentation and in compliance with the standards determined by the Revenue Administration, electronic bills with the same legal qualifications as paper bills, it is possible to communicate in the environment. e-Invoice ensures safe and fast circulation of invoices between parties.

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