Affordable Cost, Environmentally Friendly Solution! With Logo e-Ledger application, “Journal” and “Ledger” are prepared in accordance with such standards specified by the Revenue Administration, and send to GIB electronically. Thus, painstaking and costly operations such as printing and keeping hard copies of books are performed in the electronic environment easily and at no cost.

Reliable Solution

The Logo e-Ledger solution allows you to conduct your transactions in a harmonious and secure manner with the updated legislation and compliance with IOP standards.

Integration with ERP Solutions

Logo e-Book application provides solutions not only for companies that use Logo ERP solutions but also for companies that are not Logo users

Declining Costs

With e-Book application you can save on printing, paper, archiving and cartridge costs while saving on operational costs such as labor, time and approval costs.

Speed ​​and Ease in Inspection

Logo e-Defter eases your inspection process by ensuring that all your e-registrations are carried out with confidence in the future. With the advantage of remote access, e-Notebook makes it possible to manage your business independently from time to time.

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