With Logo e-Reconciliation, developed to allow companies to manage their reconciliation processes much more comfortably, current reconciliations can be performed much more easily and completed reconciliations can be accessed rapidly whenever desired.

Optimization in Reconciliation Processes

Logo e-Reconciliation, you will reconcile with us, whether you are a Logo e-Reconciliation user or not, automatically sending your mailings; it is possible to track your approval and rejection responses online through the reconciliation portal. The ability to check your completed and approved reconciliations through the portal provides you with the ability to access all your past reconciliations as you need.

Savings, Speed ​​and Instant Control Benefits

The Logo e-Reconciliation allows you to run your reconciliation processes over the web and gain speed and time savings. The Logo e-Reconciliation Portal, which is entered with username and password, allows you to check the reconciliation processes and the stage in which they are. The Logo e-Reconciliation finds the differences between them in terms of month, day, and transaction type, by comparing them in seconds with two lines of hundreds of lines.

Easy Data Transfer

Logo e-Reconciliation allows data to be easily transferred to Excel e-Recognition portal via Excel. It also enables instant data transfer over the web, without the need for any programming.


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