Tiger Wings

Tiger Wings Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP), which offers app-in-app technology with features such as role-based customizable desktop, in-product search engine and an aesthetic design, brings the user experience to a brand new dimension that is independent of location.

Your work is under your wings everywhere!

Developed on the Logo 3 platform, Tiger Wings is available via the web browser, independent of the client-side operating system, with the HTML 5 layer. User interfaces specifically designed for touch tablet displays
mobile devices and Tiger Wings are now accessible from anywhere. You can stay in constant contact with your customers, business partners and suppliers whenever you need them. Tiger Wings to you from the desktop,
internet browser and on both desktop and internet browsers. With this product, you will be able to access the data quickly and at any time and anywhere and keep the processes under control. According to your need, both internet
Tiger Wings that you can use both from the browser and from the desktop; efficient and effective management of in-house processes, reduction of errors in data processing and instant access to information in decision-making process
has a rich set of functions to bring to business. You can create the most appropriate ERP package for your company and your company with custom solutions that you need with optional module packages that can be bought in addition to the main pack.

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